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Wooden Mini Humidifiers:H067

 The mini humidifier,a companion foe home/office/vehicle can bring you atom izing particles with silk feel.There atomizing particles neutralize the aomizing particles,dust and  gas molecules floting in the air to make it deposited naturally.It reduces dustparticles in the air and smog pollution,activates oxygen molecule in the air,prevent Mair conditioner illness”and strengthens immunty of the organism.There fine atomizmg particles can also form anion radical around the computer screen,eliminat static,reduce harm of computer screenradiation to eyes and skin.prevent myopia,restrain accumulation of the pigment,lessen form ation off the face patch and beautify your face.
wooden mini humidifer
HOW to use mini humidifier:
1.Twist off the head cover in thr anticlockwisr direction.
2.Add water to the maximum water level of the water pot,and then tighten the head cover in the clockwise direction
3.Insert the plug of the randomly distributed power card into the power supply of the humidifler,connect the other end of the power cord to a computer’s USB interface or any 110-220VDC5V/500mA power adapter,phone chargers and power banks can supply power for the humidifler as well.
4.Wait for 5 minutes till the cotton sliver is totally soaked.
5.Press the swich on the top cover to produce the mist continuosly.、
  HOW to use mini humidifier:                                                                                                                                                           
Safety instructions:
1.The mini humidifier is the precision one. Do not dismantle and do not use it in damp area. 
2.The working voltage of the mini humidifier is DC5V.PIease make sure the working power is DC power of 5V.
3.Please dry the water in the water tank if not used fora long-time. Hang the absorbent cotton dry and unplug the power cord.
4.Recommend cleaning off the scale deposit in thewatertank once a week.
5.Do not touch atomizingchips with hard articles.
6.If there is abnormal sound orthe atomizing water is becoming less remarkably, please refill water into water tank after shut down.
Maintenance and cleaning of mini humidifier
 1.Exterior cleaning; wipe gently with soft wet cloth. Do not scrape forcefully in case of damaging appearance.
 2.Atomizing chips: use little of white vinegar to gently wipe thechips. Do not wipe forcefully in case of damaging the chips.
 3.Other functions: add functional liquids like toilet water, beautifying moisturizing liquid, lavender essential oil and sterilizing liquid, it can have many effects of repelling mosquitoes, beautifying and moisturizing, helping sleep and sterilizing. The humidifier plays a certain role in raising sleeping quality and lessening pressure. (Do remember not to add lavender concentrate with hypnosis function when used in the vehicle.
mini humidifier:
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